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Your Transformation

Your wedding is a ceremony of transformation.  You arrive as as beloved ones, and you conclude as a married couple.  With your family and friends as your honor guard, and with me as a guide, you will experience the full depth of this transformation with ease and grace.  And a few laughs never hurt…

My Philosophy

I believe that a wedding celebration starts with the ceremony.  I believe your ceremony is the center of your wedding day and the center of the ceremony is the unique gooey illumination that is exactly you.

If you agree with me that the ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, I can help your vision come true, by crafting the ceremony you’ve always wanted.

Our Collaboration

Years from now your guests may not remember the food, or the music, or the flowers but they WILL remember your ceremony.  That is because the ceremony we create together is a gift for them.

Do you have Questions?

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Tulis was AMAZING! She basically came in and saved the day, because our original officiant wasn’t able to do it. She was very responsive and our Skype interview with her was like another premarital counseling. She really makes you think about what you love and why you are about to marry one another. She definitely helped put my mind at ease with a lot of the planning. And the ceremony was one of the most unforgettable times I have ever had in my life, like out of a movie. Thanks to Tulis.

John (of John and Randy)

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Tulis McCall - New York Celebrant: Wedding Officiant and Interfaith Minister Reviews